Custom Products

Custom Products

Custom Filtration Inc. supplies wire cloth filters and filter assemblies for a variety of applications and industries.

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Our filter assemblies often use machined and/or fabricated components in combination with woven wire cloth.

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Wire Mesh Materials

We have a wide variety of wire mesh in stock and we will custom cut the mesh to almost any length and width.

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Slit Wire Cloth

A customer from the plumbing industry approached Custom Filtration Inc. to slit 10,000 linear feet of brass wire cloth.

Welded Cylinder

Custom Filtration Inc. was approached by a customer from the floor maintenance industry to slit and weld 1,200 stainless steel cylindrical screens.

Stamped Discs and Blanks

Custom Filtration Inc. was approached by a client from the ATV industry to stamp 5,000 stainless steel mesh blanks.

Molded PVC

A customer from the parts washing industry approached Custom Filtration Inc. to manufacture 2500 custom stainless steel strainers.

Quality Custom Wire Products

Custom Filtration Inc. is a family owned business specializing in the fabrication of filters from wire cloth, serving a wide variety of industries. Our in-house tooling and machining capabilities allow us to shorten our lead times and function as a speciality fabtication shop

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