Custom Products

Custom Filtration Inc. supplies wire cloth filters and filter assemblies for a variety of applications and industries. We have the capabilities to manufacture custom wire cloth filters, fabricated screens, deep-draw strainers, and multi-contour filter elements. Working with wire cloth from 2″ mesh down to 2 micron mesh allows us to customize products for just about any application. Customers can also specify the weave type. We have plain, plain dutch, twilled and twilled dutch weaves. At our facility we offer custom slitting of wire cloth material from ½” up to 60″ widths and we have the ability to roll up to 1,000′ of material. Our in-house tooling and machining capabilities allow us to shorten our lead times and function as a specialty fabrication shop.

Custom Wire Cloth Filters & Filter Assembly Products


Custom Filtration Inc.’s custom metal fabrication and facilitated fabrication services are receptive in assisting with your manufacturing requirements. Our filter assemblies often use machined and/or fabricated components in combination with woven wire cloth. Our in-house fabrication capabilities include slitting, shearing, machining, stamping, rolling, welding and soldering. In addition to custom metal fabrication, we also offer additional services such as annealing, heat treating, plating, passivation, and painting. Functioning as a specialty production shop enables us to produce in quantities from prototypes to large-scale production runs and everything in between.

Custom Metal Fabrication Services

Wire Mesh Materials

As a service to our customers, Custom Filtration Inc. offers wire mesh materials at competitive prices. We have a wide variety of wire mesh in stock and we will custom cut the mesh to almost any length and width. The mesh range of our material goes from 2″ mesh to 2 micron mesh and we can slit widths from ½” up to 60″. Although our standard roll size is 100′ we can supply longer lengths as needed. We carry wire mesh in a variety of materials, including steel, stainless steel, copper, brass, bronze, aluminum, Monel, and Inconel. Four weave types are available: plain weave, plain dutch weave, twilled weave, and twilled dutch weave.

Custom Wire Mesh Materials