Custom Welded Stainless Steel Cylinder Screens

Custom Filtration Inc. was approached by a customer from the floor maintenance industry to slit and weld 1,200 stainless steel cylindrical screens. Using a custom built slitter, we first slit the screen to measure 4.875″ wide. Then, we cut the parts down so they measured 8.6″ long. Lastly, we resistance welded the screens into cylinders that were 4.875″ long and had a diameter of 2.625″.

Throughout the entire process, we were able to hold tightest tolerances of ±.025″. After a thorough inspection, we shipped the 316 stainless steel screens to the customer’s Los Angeles, CA location.

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Custom Welded Stainless Steel Cylinder Screen Specifications:

Product Description

These Custom Welded Cylindrical Screens are used within floor sweeper application.

Capabilities Applied/Processes

Slit using custom built slitter

  • Slit @ 4.875″ Wide


  • Cut off @ 8.600″ Long

Resistance Welding

  • Weld Into Cylinders
Overall Part Dimensions

10 x 10 Mesh
.025″ Wire Diameter

Finished Cylinder Size
Diameter: Ø2.625″
Length: 4.875″

Tightest Tolerances


Material Used

Type 316 Stainless Steel

Industry for Use

Floor Maintenance


1,200 pcs

Delivery Location

Los Angeles CA

In Process Inspection

Check and record all dimensions

Standards Met

Customer supplied specifications

Product Name

Slitting & Welding of Stainless Steel Cylindrical Screens